Friday, January 20, 2006 2:08 PM

For anyone who visited my site previously, it has a whole new look and structure. Now that I've taken a couple new media classes (Thanks Shawn and Jamie, their sites are listed on my Links page), I decided it was time to completely rebuild my original site (I had hacked it together in Frontpage... bad geek, very bad geek). The design is actually the one I used for my New Media 1 class site. I liked it so much that it just had to be used again. The content for now is just carried over form the origianl version and will be added on to as I have time.

So, how did I build this site with my new found webdesign knowledge you ask? A combination of CSS, Server Side Includes (for navigation, header and footer) and a little Javascript. Feel free to take a look at my CSS file. Help and inspiration was found in various places on the internet, the relevant sites are listed on my Links page. One of the big hurdles I overcame in Shawn's class this past fall was my fear of Photoshop. One of the things that I found that I have a knack for is retouching photos. What I did was take some black and white photos from GettyImages and added transluscent pastel color as highlights. This is actually an old technique that you'll see in vintage photographs.


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