single lavender flowerFriends

Padraigs Waste of Space - This is my boyfriends site. He's a wonderful combination of computer geek and philosopher. His site is filled with all sorts of interesting reading covering a multitude of topics.

The Land of Nothing - A site of poetry, short stories and plays written by Patrick's good twin, Nick Nick also happens to one of my oldest friends and a computer geek extraordinaire.

Traxland - Ahh, Trax... Patrick's illustrious officemate. Yet another computer geek (noticing a pattern here folks?).

Fool's Paradise - Patrick's oldest friend John. This one's not a computer geek but a physicist. He gets to play with atoms all day. Doesn't sound like fun but he's gotten to travel all around the world to work at different reactors.

single lavender flowerNew Media/Site Resources

MaxDesign - A great site with CSS layout examples and quick tutorials.

Getty Images - A huge collection of pay-for and royalty free images.

Rollover script - A javascript rollover generator. Works very well but you do have to have your directory structure and files in order to use it effectively.

Pop-up Window script - This javascript is the best one I've found so far. It allows for more than pop-up for a page. Which is wonderful if you want to make some sort of image gallery.

Shawn Rider - New Media instructor and geek extraordinaire.

Jamie O'Neil - New Media instructor and 'Motivational Speaker, Kurt Weibers'

single lavender flowerFencing/SCA

SCA - Main site for the Society for Creative Anachronism. It contains links to all the different Kingdoms and well as activities, newcomer information, event listings and member resources.

Kingdom of AEthelmearc - This is the Kingdom where I live.

Barony of the Rhydderich Hael - My home barony.

Lindau - My household. Die Pferden Von Lindau am Bodensee. Site is down at the moment.

AEthelmearc Fencing - Site dedicated to rapier for my Kingdom.

single lavender flowerWine

Yellow Tail - Australian vintner.

single lavender flowerMental Health

National Mental Health Information Center

US Department of Health & Human Services

National Mental Health Association

Bipolar - Do You Know It?

single lavender flowerFavorite Web Comics

Crap I Drew on My Lunchbreak

The Devils Panties

Piled Higher and Deeper

Penny Arcade!



single lavender flowerGeek Stuff


City of Heroes

The Sims 2

SSX On Tour

Final Fantasy VII

Cheapass Games

single lavender flowerMisc.

IMDB - The Internet Movie Database. I shit you not, I go to this site to get info on existing or upcoming movies every single day.

Hope in America

Brendan Fraser - This is not a fan site but the actor's personal site. He has commentary about the movies that he's made, a description about his life and photos he's taken while on location. The photos are from The Mummy and The Quiet American. The man is scary talented with a camera.

Joey Pants - Joe Pantoliano's personal site. Another of my favorite actors. If you get a chance, read his autobiography, Who's Sorry Now?. I loved him in The Matrix and who could forget the Goonies. But my favorite Joey Pants role was Eddie Agopian in Steal Big, Steal Little.

Bruce Campbell - And of course, the ultimate B-movie actor. What can I say, Bruce is one of a kind. His autobiography, If Chins Could Kill had me on the floor laughing.